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Founded in 2015 and headquartered in the vibrant city of Dubai. Telestark employs over 34 multinational experts in the digital media industry, experienced digital marketers, product designers, linux developers and the elites of the mobile ecosystem. Proud partnership with over 70 mobile operators and advertisers worldwide, we have expanded our award-winning portfolio into 42 countries, and are live on every continent.

We make sure your customers can pay fast, simple and seamless to maximise your sales. Our platform is using the latest technology to keep your data safe and secure. Bring the world together by removing barriers using immersive technology & experiences.

What Drives Us: Our hope is to mark the company’s name in the universe and inspire the youth with a big success story that would motivate millions of people.

Our focus is to remove barriers to everyone using immersive experiences and technology.We want to give people access to the impossible with full power of what to see, when to see , and how to see it, not the other way around.We aim to get the world closer and help millions of people be connected and teleported to top happenings from any place in the world and help them save time, money and have ultimate control.

We believe Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences will play an important role in the future of the mobile 5G ecosystem and metaverse space.

Our Team History

2015 - 2022

Our team has been part of the evolution of mobile content worldwide, they help introducing many different and award winning products from gaming, educational and VOD platform and currently working on the next generation product that goes with the evolution of the mobile ecosystem (AI and 5G).

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